Medical & Professional Autumn Statement 2023

10 AUTUMN STATEMENT ● 22 November 2023 Training costs for self-employed people HMRC will rewrite guidance about the tax deductibility of training costs for sole traders and the self-employed to provide more clarity to business on what costs are deductible. VAT: energy-saving materials VAT relief on the installation of energy-saving materials will be extended to additional technologies, such as water-source heat pumps. Buildings used solely for a relevant charitable purpose will be brought within scope. The changes will take effect from February 2024. Construction industry scheme (CIS) Compliance with VAT obligations will be added to the CIS gross payment status test. HMRC will also gain extended powers to remove gross payment status immediately in cases of serious non-compliance involving VAT, income tax and corporation tax self assessment and PAYE. The majority of payments by landlords to tenants will be removed from the scope of the CIS. The changes will take effect from 6 April 2024. Tax avoidance and fraud It will become a criminal offence for promoters of tax avoidance to continue to promote schemes after receiving a Stop Notice requiring them to stop promoting schemes described in that notice. HMRC will be able to bring disqualification action against directors of companies involved in promoting tax avoidance. The changes will take effect from the date of Royal Assent to Autumn Finance Bill 2023, together with the doubling of the maximum sentences for tax fraud to 14 years announced in the Spring Budget 2023. Planning A new planning service will be introduced to speed up planning decisions. Applicants will have to pay the full cost of the process, which will be refunded if the planning authority does not meet the stated timescale. Some planning constraints will be removed to accelerate the expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.